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Mouthguards are proven to drastically reduce injury

It’s fun to get out on the field and play sport. However, the fun disappears if you get hit in the face and sustain a serious dental injury while you’re out there, especially one that could have been prevented by the simple act of wearing a protective mouthguard.

What is a mouthguard and how does it work?

A mouthguard is a flexible fitted device worn over teeth and gums during athletic and recreational activities to protect them from damage.

Their purpose is to absorb and spread the impact of the damaging blow to your face, thereby reducing the extend of the damage.

Types of Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are available in three types:

Stock mouth guards

  1. can be purchased in sport stores, come pre-formed and ready to wear;
  2. they are the least expensive but also the worst fitting and least comfortable;
  3. they offer very little if any protection;
  4. are bulky;
  5. increase the tendency to gag, and make breathing and talking difficult because of their relatively poor fit and lack of retention.

Mouth-formed mouth guards are also known as the boil-and-bite kind.

  1. provide a better fit than stock mouth guards but are still bulky and do not offer the same fit and protection as a custom-fitted mouth guard.
  2. these types of mouth guards are available online and at sporting stores;
  3. they can be reheated and refitted to adjust them;
  4. they are made of thermoplastic, are placed in boiling water then formed and moulded to the contours of the teeth and mouth using the fingers and biting pressure.

Custom-fitted mouth guards

  1. offer a precise fit over your teeth;
  2. are the most comfortable to wear and;
  3. provide the maximum available protection of teeth and gums against the hard knocks sustained in contact sports;
  4. help reduce the forces of impact that can cause concussion;
  5. users are more likely to wear them due to their unmatched comfort;
  6. they can be made to accommodate braces and other oral appliances to avoid damage to the gums and teeth;
  7. are more expensive than the other types of mouth guards.

Custom made mouthguards are proven to drastically reduce the injury to teeth, lips and tongue whenever there is a collision.

Is it worth risking extensive damage from a sporting injury that could have been prevented by simply wearing an appropriate and well-fitting, custom made mouthguard.

It is imperative to wear a well-fitting custom made mouthguard in the correct thickness depending on what sport you engage in.

  1. For full contact sports such as boxing, rugby league, kick boxing, karate and martial arts a heavy triple layered mouthguard is essential.
  2. For non high impact sports, a slightly thinner version is made.
  3. The appropriate mouthguard is crafted to fit even the little athlete.

At Genuine Smiles we take an impression of your teeth and use this to create a custom-fitted mouth guard in ANY colour you like.


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