Digital X-Rays

The benefits of dental X-rays are huge.

Radiographs are a very important part of dentistry. Your teeth are embedded in your jaw, so without X-rays we can only see half the story.

An image is formed by passing X-rays through an object (e.g. your tooth) onto a plate which is then immediately transmitted into the computer.

The digital image provides essential information needed to help diagnose any problem or detect hidden decay before it causes problems.

Digital X-rays emit minimal radiation (a fraction of standard X-rays that are projected onto film), are very accurate in the images they can capture, are quick, and are therefore an excellent diagnostic tool.

Understanding Radiation Exposure

As a comparison, the amount of radiation that you are exposed to from a single digital X-ray taken in the surgery is equivalent to:

An air flight from Sydney to Melbourne


The background radiation we absorb in half a day by simply living in Sydney


The amount of radiation you absorb if you were to eat 36 bananas!

As you can see, the radiation we get from digital dental X-rays is negligible.

We absorb more radiation just by “living” than we do having an X-ray taken of our teeth.

But the benefits of dental X-rays are huge.

With X-rays we can see a cavity well before you may feel it — without an X-ray, it could progress (even painlessly), until the tooth becomes infected and requires either root canal therapy or extraction.

That’s a heavy price to pay — the X-ray is well worth it.

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