Visiting the dentist from an early age sets your child up to have good teeth for life.

You might think that just because your child will eventually lose their baby teeth there is no need for them to visit the dentist.

Baby teeth have a vital role to play in helping form the correct speech and articulation of words in the child’s formative years.

They help with chewing and digesting food properly.

Healthy white teeth help the child’s self-confidence and appearance. Baby teeth are essential in maintaining the space for the future eruption of the permanent teeth into their appropriate space.

At Genuine Smiles we help make visiting the dentist a happy experience.

The child from a young age realises the importance of good oral health which is reinforced every visit.

Problems that can be picked early on in childhood can many times be dealt with easily and effectively thereby reducing the need for more complicated and costly treatment that can be emotionally, psychologically and financially draining if left untreated.

At Genuine Smiles we look at the child in a holistic approach.

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